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Ain Saeed

The valleys where you can find the best Pomegranate across Jordan due to the natural water springs that have been flowing from the mountains for centuries irrigating pomegranate trees in the 4 valleys. Not to forget mentioning the cool breeze that gives it a special flavor; due to its high quality, it draws thousands of

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Ain Trab

Ain in Arabic means a water spring, this is one of the most important water springs in Bani knanah district, its distinguished for its continuous cold fresh water that flow around the year which made it a key stone in many civilizations that flourished in this area for centuries. in this valley you can find

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Now referred to as Quweilbeh by locals, this was an ancient city in the Decapolis; the site is occupied by two Tells (Tell al-Abila and Tell Umm al-Amad) and the village of Hartha, approximately 13 km northeast of Irbid, Jordan. The name “Abila” is derived from the Semitic word Abel (in Arabic, “green growth”).  

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