Ain Saeed

The valleys where you can find the best Pomegranate across Jordan due to the natural water springs that have been flowing from the mountains for centuries irrigating pomegranate trees in the 4 valleys. Not to forget mentioning the cool breeze that gives it a special flavor; due to its high quality, it draws thousands of people from all across Jordan to buy fresh pomegranate which they pick directly from trees with their hands.

It is estimated that 800 acres are planted with pomegranate trees giving tens of thousands of kilos of pomegranate every year.

It is a place that people visit around the year, in Autumn where they buy and eat the fresh grown pomegranate, and in summer to enjoy the lovely gathering under trees and to look after the expected harvest in autumn, and in spring to enjoy green lands and birds singing as well as water springs that do not stop of flowing around the year.


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