Battle site of Yarmouk

Battle site of Yarmouk

The battle that ended Byzantine existence in Levant, it was a decisive battle in the Islamic history. The Muslim army, numbered only about one third of the Byzantine army (40 thousand Muslims to 125 thousand Byzantines).The Byzantines descended into the river followed by the Muslim army, and the fighting spread along the Yarmouk River all the way from north of Mukheibeh, to Wadi Quweilbeh (Abela).

     “There was never a battle as that of Yarmouk” The Arab historian Al Tabari


The site has a panoramic view of Golan Heights and Yarmouk River, in the west horizon you can see Tabor Mountain in Palestine, and to the north you can see Hermon Mountain in Lebanon, the site has Khalid bin Al Waleed sword monument (the Muslims army leader).

With hundreds of deciduous oak trees that spread across the area it is one of the favorite places for picnickers from all across Jordan especially during spring season.


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