Um Qays

Um Qays is a small village in northern Jordan containing the site of the ancient city of Gadara. Nowadays, it is considered one of the most attractive tourism sites in Jordan Situated in the extreme north-west of the country, perched on a hilltop 378 meters above sea level, it is a city of endless secrets

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Is a deep-rooted area where olive trees belong back to the Roman Empire, the lofty trees that have been standing for centuries provide Jordan with one of the finest Mediterranean olive oil.   It flourished from the time of Romans all through until it came under the rule of Ottomans due to its fertile soils.

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Now referred to as Quweilbeh by locals, this was an ancient city in the Decapolis; the site is occupied by two Tells (Tell al-Abila and Tell Umm al-Amad) and the village of Hartha, approximately 13 km northeast of Irbid, Jordan. The name “Abila” is derived from the Semitic word Abel (in Arabic, “green growth”).  

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