Organic Products

Organic Products:


Our organic fresh products are provided directly from local farming families in valleys, mountains and farms of Bani Knanah District, so far 10 local families from 5 villages are providing with these products which aids in supporting them in their basic life needs and their children education, what distinguish these products that they are organic and these families have been working in for decades generation after generation making a guarantee of high quality of our products.
Special offers for large quantities



Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil premium in quality
from sunny olive groves of kfarat


Store in a cool dry place


250 ml : 4 JOD

500 ml : 7.5 JOD

750 ml : 11 JOD


Green Olives

Pickled handpicked green pitted (unpitted) olives
in brine with a zest of lemon


Store in a cool dry place


250 ml : 2 JOD
500 ml : 3.75 JOD
750 ml : 4.75 JOD



Dried thyme herbal mix (Zaatar). An everyday spice blend
as a dip for soft, plush flatbread or a dressing


 Store in a cool dry place (at room temperature)



250 ml : 2.5 JOD
500 ml : 4.5 JOD
750 ml : 6.5 JOD



Pomegranate molasses (Dibs el rumman). A reduced pomegranate juice
made into thickened rich flavored sauce used in toppings, dressing and marinade


 Store in a cool dry place or chilled in the fridge



375 g : 7.5 JOD
500 ml




 Labaneh strained yoghurt cream cheese balls in extra virgin olive oil
for a lite repast on a wide variety of food items


 Store in a cool dry place



300 ml : 3.5 JOD
600 ml : 6.5 JOD
800 ml : 9 JOD





 Organic raw honey from hive to bottle. Delicious,
nutritious and supports local farmer families


 Store in a cool dry place


250 ml : 6 JOD

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