We are a group of young entrepreneurs who aim to promote green tourism by response travel to natural areas of North of Jordan that conserves the environment, empowering local communities and raising awareness among farmers and locals.



Locals, expats, tourists, university and school students are having the chance to visit the natural areas of North of Jordan that are not covered by conventional tourism companies.


Our work is based in Bani Knanah district in Irbid city with so many valleys, fields and farms that are well known for its unique fauna with a high quality pomegranate, guava, almond, olive and deciduous oak trees which make our trails a unique experience.
Our tours are eco-friendly with focus on less usage of plastic, using recyclable bags and reusable tools from food plates to bottles of waters.
So far 30 local families from 8 villages had benefited from our project, through our partnerships we managed to hire many locals as tour operators and guides, and many local families managed to connect with new customers to sell their organic fresh products, handmade crafts and to provide us with traditional northern dishes.
Our eco tours are blend of nature, history, and cultural heritage, organic and traditional food with a vision of achieving sustainable tourism.

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